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The term dogging has been adopted to describe the taking part or watching of sexual activity, normal in a public place. Normally the sex takes place in a car or other vehicle. You never know when you might meet a new swinger, piker or dogger in you locality tonight.

Dogging has been a British pastime for a number of months, but this is spreading throughout Europe and is even travelling to America and Canada.


"Dogging (or 'sexualpraktik' as a german friend of mine calls it !) first came to my attention on the BBC ! It was on the BBC news - Honest !. There were a new sex obsessed group of British people who had formed a contacts club and were having wild sex in public locations. Of course I went straight on line and looked up doging (didn't know it was dogging at the time). I went through loads of foreign, international news sites, online,message boards and eventually found a site that gave me uk dogging information. Six months later, my girly, Katharine and myself are big into the dogging scene and always looking for new uk dogging locations. It really has spiced up our sex life - in fact I've never had so much sex in my life (with other people too !!!!! - BONUS)" SIMON - SOUTH WALES

"How often can you wank over two girls and a lad having sex in front of your very eyes. There is no better feeling than having a complete stranger suck your cock whilst you watch another girl fingering her pussy. Dogging is fantastic fun. I'll certainly be looking for sex tonight at my favourite dogging spot !. Dogging in England is so amazing ! I'm curious to see how good dogging is in Wales, Scotland and Ireland is too ! If you know any good dogging locations let me know at ****@***********.com " Tony - Birmingham dogger

"My pussy has not seen so much action as it has over the last week. I go down to ******* car park with my friend Annie (Blonde and 19) and we normally end up lezzing up for the boys. You can't imagine how wet I get pulling my little panties to one side whilst a gang of lads pull furiously on their throbbing dicks. Just to let them get a little more excited, I let Annie lick my pussy whilst I push my little dildo up her tight teeny arse. Dogging is so damn horny wanna cum with us too?? . I normally let one of the boys fuck me too and then let him keep my wet knickers or sometimes I let the lads come all over me and Annie. How will I ever get the spunk off my seats I'll never know !. Check out my profile now - ************ " Karen (21) and Annie - South Coast

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Just imagine the scene. You turn up to a local dogging location and within 20 minutes you could be getting sucked off before being fucked by some horny bitch over the bonnet of your car. Whilst at the same time other girls and men watch from a distance, wanking !!!! Maybe you'll have two girls or maybe two guys join in. Whatever you want, you can find it at your local dogging site.

Where can I get dogging ?

Dogging is taking place in loads of locations up and down the UK - normally in picnic areas,multi-storey car parks, supermarket car parks and other similar places.

Who goes dogging ?

It's not just dirty old men and loose women !!!! You would be surprised at who goes dogging ? Doggers
tend to be the people you least expect? Watch out the next time you go, you may see your boss, bank
manager or local policeman Inspector !

Ok, I like the sound of it, where do I start ?

Look out for dogging sites that conenct you with trusted people who are looking for fun too. Try to avoid
public forums that advertise publicly - you may end up sharing a car park with boy racers, robbers,
muggers, perverts or even the police.

Real Doggers will be discreet and only give out details to trusted people too.

Some sites that safely connect you with other doggers are :


There is even a recorded Dogging Hotline with loads of information on dogging - 09096 420 597
( Calls cost 1.50/min. You must be over 18 and you must have the bill payers permission.TeleSexy, 501 Intl Hse, 223 Regent St W1B 2QD)

Why Dogging ?

The terms is thought to have come about because of the age old alibi of 'walking the dog' when you were really popping out for a bit of extra curricular activity. It is thought that is also because of the
position that most doggers seem to enjoy - Doggy

What do I take dogging ?

Your dog, if you need and alibi (tie him somewhere safe away from the action !)
Condoms (If you want to take part)
Tissues or wipes

Cameras (always ask permission first !!!)
Don't forget to dress appropriately for the weather !

Always dispose of your 'dogging kit' safely and properly. Areas that are left full of used condoms and
other items will soon get closed down by the authorities. If you wouldn't want you kids to find it, don't
leave it.

When should I go dogging ?

It is probably best to make arrangements with any people you have meet on reputable sites or that you have
had dealings with before.

Of course, with anything you do in public, you need to be aware of crime and also sexually transmitted

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